Smart Things to do Before You Move 

Got your new home? Bet you’re very excited to move in and start a new life. But hang on; before that happens, you have to take care of things first. Getting a new place is exciting, but the process of moving to that place, it’s laborious. You have to pack your things, move them to the new place, and then unpack again. Planning and preparing are vital so your move is successful, it’s something you cannot do in rush. Good thing we prepared some tips for you what expert-approved.  

Pack Smart 

Packing could be laborious, but if you do it right and smart you will not notice your progress. It’s important to keep a notebook for everything, where you write what you should pack for that day. Prepare for the move many weeks before the move date. Designate tasks each day and write down what should be accomplished. For example, for the first few weeks you start packing things you don’t normally use around the house, and so on and on.  

Do not box everything in one day or one week because you will use your energy for unpacking too. If you want, you can hire professional movers and include the packing on your additional costs; of course you can always opt to this especially if you’re a busy person. Just look for companies in the internet and type down moving company near me and it will give you a list of prospect companies.  

Switch Utilities 

This is a no-brainer obviously but still a lot of people forget this common knowledge. As soon as the closing date is there, call the utility company and set up a service switch. If you’re moving into a new home you need to do a maintenance call to reestablish the service.  

Don’t Pack the Closet 

You can ask the moving company you hired to bring wardrobe boxes on the day of your move. This will help you to not pack your clothes anymore and iron them once again when you unpack them when you arrive. The movers will put the clothing on the hangers; it will save you time and space. No additional costs means the money can be use for emergency.  

Take Goodbyes Easy 

Well, part of moving into a new place is leaving some memories in your old house and even some things with sentimental value for you. If you grew up in the house of if your kids grew up in it, there are many things you will miss about it. But, you can still enjoy the new home by doing same things you do in the old house.  

Do the Basics Before You Move 

If the place you’re moving into is a driving distance from your old house, take basic supplies the day before the move date. To avoid chaos on the day of move because of the boxes, you can move some essentials and unpack them.  

Discover the Neighborhood 

Before you move into the neighborhood, introduce yourself to people around it. If you do this, there’s a big chance that you’ll recommendation for local resources.  


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